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Partnerships are essential to our vision, mission, and overall strategy.

When you partner with Invest Islands Foundation, you will be supporting us with all the fundamental goals we strive for. When it comes to making a difference in Indonesia, we really own successful partnerships with organizations from all over the world. You will support the foundation in its efforts to improve education in remote areas, to create employment opportunities for those in need, and to encourage environmental change to better the economy & country. Whether it is just one of our causes or the entire mission of the foundation that aligns with yours, we can assure you that with your support, we can truly make a difference and have a bigger impact on the world.


Partner - Lombok Plastic Free
Partner - Plastik Kembali
Partner - Social Impakt
Partner - Bank Sampah NTB Mandiri

about our partnerships

When you partner with Invest Islands Foundation, you will be supporting us with all the fundamental goals we strive for.

corporate partnership

The Foundation is open to corporate partnerships with any corporation that has a CSR fund allocation. You can partner with Invest Islands Foundation to organize your company events, have an impact on education, support the empowerment of women, and encourage environmental cleanliness.

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media partner

Invest Islands Foundation is accepting all media inquiries. This could include documentation, editorial pieces, and publications. If you are a media professional that wishes to share our media assets then please ensure that you provide accompanying credits to your media.

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women-led social enterprise

The Saudari Lombok project is one of the first, if not the first, female-run social enterprises in South Lombok

The Saudari Lombok project incorporates those same beliefs and vision into providing empowerment to women by expanding social enterprises throughout Lombok. The location of the HQ for this project is in Torok Bay, which is in close proximity to the Invest Islands Beach Resort that is currently under production. The initiative will focus on the recycling of plastic from Bank Sampah Torok Raya via generic sorting processes.

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beach cleaning project

This initiative focuses on the collection of waste, which is then incorporated into new products for the market

In Torok Raya, a large part of the female population are struggling with their circumstances. Be it homelessness, poverty or a lack of education and family support, these women are supported by the initiative, which employs them as waste collectors.

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organic plantation

Located in Aik Darek in Central Lombok our organic farm focuses on community infrastructure to incorporate and encourage sustainable farming

This project focuses on promoting organic farming and sustainability to the local community. This is done by providing a learning centre that distributes knowledge of permaculture and the most effective methods in organic agriculture to date. The target is to create a permanent food supply through the continuation and expansion of these farming methods.

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educational project

Access to education is a cause for concern in Indonesia and this is heightened within rural and remote locations

The Foundation believes a quality education must be at the forefront of any community in any location. A dilapidated school in Batu Bangke was chosen to redevelop to a far higher standard. One of the main focus points for this rebuild project was to support the use of technology, which involved a basic principle of installing electricity into the facility.

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