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The structure of our NGO is clearly outlined in the organizational chart below. Invest Islands Foundation comprises four main initiatives that are essential to the organization's strategic goals. These initiatives include: Bank Sampah, Organiika, Berajah, and Saudari Lombok.

Each initiative has a business-oriented approach, providing clarity, separation, and enabling the initiative to focus on specific critical issues. Organiika focuses on organic food production, Bank Sampah provides waste sorting, Berajah focuses on education, and Saudari Lombok focuses on empowering women, particularly marginalized women, by establishing the first social enterprise led by women in South Lombok.

The foundation is headed by the Managing Director, Masri Asril, and is guided by the core beliefs and values of the organization, including positively impacting the local community and enhancing economic conditions.


the Foundation was created in 2019

kevin deisser


An entrepreneur from the start, Kevin Deisser started his first company upon graduating from university. Working in the hospitality industry for Marriott Hotels, Kevin developed a passion for adventure. This led to a 6-month exploration of Asia where he discovered the exponential growth of the Asian property market. Always known as a self-starter, he proceeded to divulge vital information from the regions which led to the launch of the Invest Islands Foundation. Kevin has a strong passion for encouraging sustainability and giving back to the local commutes.

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jack brown


Founding his first company at 19, Jack Brown was established as an entrepreneur from the start. Following successful marketing efforts with OCS Cannon Hygiene and Marriott, Jack was motivated to build success with a company. Witnessing the growth and returns of Invest Islands, he knew that his skills & experience could assist in growing the company. That is where Jack teamed up with Kevin Deisser to excel the growth of Invest Islands. Jack has always had a passion for helping people realise their goals and takes pride in every project successfully implemented.

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Natural Green Fighters

about our team

masri ASRIL

managing director

Born and raised in the small village of Ubung on Lombok, Masri is a self-starter who gives back at every opportunity. After starting out as a teacher, he followed his generous spirit in establishing a social volunteering project in his village giving free English and environmental education classes to nearly 600 underprivileged kids in the sub-district.

Masril pro-actively volunteered in various social projects from peace campaign to environmental issues in some local NGOs across the island. Continuing in many social campaigns in Lombok, he met Kevin Deisser in March 2019 and took the life-changing step of becoming a project manager for the Invest Islands Foundation.



Nedia was born in Mataram on 05 October 1995 as the second child, after graduating from college in 2017, Nedia worked as an employee in a finance company, at the end of 2021 Nedia decided to join the foundation, Nedia joined as Admin and Finance staff. Nedia was interested in joining because she wanted to change her daily life with something better.

Ruhma Ruksalana h

Research, Development, & Partnership Lead

Best known as Ina, our Research, Development, & Partnership Lead joined the Invest Islands foundation in May, after graduating with a degree in Marine Science from Brawijaya University. In her role, she is working on planning, implementing, and monitoring of key program activities in the Invest Islands Foundation. A confident communicator, Ina is a great leader skill combine with friendliness & honesty. In her leisure time, she enjoys art, writing, and poetry.

Ikhsan Hanif

Campaign & Fundrasing Lead

Ikhsan was born and raised in Dompu, a small town located in the center of Sumbawa Island. He finished his bachelor degree of Environmental Engineering in Jakarta. He admired and interested to join Invest Islands Foundation because he realized that they share the same intentions and desires to give and do good things for the society and environment. With his passion in photography and videography, he’s now helping the team on campaigning and fundraising aspects for foundation’s projects.

Roby Febriantoro

Bank Sampah Torok Raya Manager

Robby Febriantono was born in Torok on sixteenth of February 1992. He was the first child in his family. His hobby is traveling. His parents are farmers. As the oldest child, his parents put their best effort to provide proper education for him. In 2014, they sent him to graduate school on politics and social faculty in Malang, East Java. Three years later, he graduated from the faculty as a bachelor of social. After his graduation, he came back home and worked as a supervisor committee in West Praya. When the beach cleaning project was initiated, he showed his strong willingness to participate and contribute his knowledge. Now, he is the manager of the Torok Raya Bank of Sampah. In the bank of sampah, he works not only to manage the beach cleaning project but also to connect and guide other staff.

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Adi Putrawan

organiika farm manager

Adi Putrawan or Wawan was born in Mantang, Central Lombok, on 18 October 1995. He joins Invest Islands Foundation since early September 2019. His role is to supervise the operation in Organiika, the foundation’s organic farm. Before joining the team, he was an illegal tree logger. He worked to harvest woods from trees in the forest. After meeting Masril, the foundation project manager who introduced him to many social works, he understands the damage produced by illegal tree cutting. He then decided to quit from his profession and learn more about plants and trees. Now he is a happy farmer who has decent knowledge of organic farming and plants. He is happy to share with everyone about it.

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Padli Sunandar

Organiika Farm Maintainer

Padli Sunandar a.k.a Bruno, Born May 15, 1995. Bruno studied at the agricultural faculty majoring in agricultural agribusiness, but he did not complete it. He chose to work to help the family's economy. Joined the Invest Islands Foundation since 2020, at Organiika he is in charge of taking care of seed inventory and scheduling of seedling to be planted in beds. He is a skilled family-loving young man, although quiet he is a good observer and can be relied on in doing team work.

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Ahmad Bintar Yani

organiika farm MAINTAINER

Ahmad Bintar Yani, usually called Uncle Bintar. Born in Sumbawa, February 11, 1971. He is the eldest of 10 children. Uncle Bintar spent his childhood in Sumbawa. Until in 1991 he started a new chapter of his life in Lombok and worked for a cottage industry that makes unique handicrafts here. However, in 1998 his business had to go bankrupt due to the economic crisis that hit Indonesia. In 2020 he was recruited to be part of Organiika. Uncle Bintar's job is to plant and care for organic plants in the garden.

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Field & Community Organizer

Zaenudin was born in Montong Ajan, on 16 March 1993. He completed his bachelor degree of Islamic education in 2017. He is actively participating in many youth organizations. Now he is responsible for monitoring all aspects of the field projects and has been working at Invest Islands Foundation since the very beginning. He connects the foundation with the people in the target area since he is from the same village of our initiatives.

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