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Invest Islands is a property brokerage company providing a legal platform for foreign investors. They are primarily located in Lombok, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

Invest Islands is the only real estate company from Hong Kong to offer clients investment in Indonesia. They also provide the opportunity for investment through a regulated entity without the requirement for a local nominee.

Over time the company has invested time and resources to generate an efficient legal structure that complies with Indonesian laws in addition to Hong Kong investment regulations. As a fully licensed real estate investment company, Invest Islands can trade land on the behalf of international clients.

The company prides itself on a high level of commitment and extensive experience that allows us to provide a full suite of services. These services are structured through lawyers, accountants, notaries, contractors, brokers, and architects. With our expert knowledge of the Indonesian market, we are able to provide you with unique opportunities through a local presence in Lombok.

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Here at Invest Islands we have a well established and diversified team of over 100 employees. This team has grown and developed together for over 6 years and has proudly assisted over 200 satisfied clients. Come and say hello to the friendly and professional team here at Invest Islands.

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We focus on local community presence to ensure basic infrastructure on each plot to increase resale value. These plots are then marketed throughout several regions to investors. The service provided is end-to-end which included local land sourcing to exiting the investment for our clients.


We seek to discover plots of land that are undervalued for the benefit of our clients. Focusing on the requirements of developers we search for land-based on beach access, airport access, drainage, scenery, and more. This allows the opportunity to create upside-potential with the land for our investors.


Invest Islands is a result-orientated company directing efforts on providing secure and affordable financial products with property investments. We combine statistical analysis and a secure management structure that connects the values of Lombok’s assets land and the regulations of Hong Kong to ultimately supply a profit-focused investment platform.

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Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential factor in the success of Invest Islands Foundation. It incorporates our sustainable business practices, the companies vision, and ultimately the impact we have on society.

Even though the Foundation is focused on social responsibility, our key stakeholders’ interests are always considered. Our main stakeholders comprise of employees, clients, suppliers, the government, investors, local residents, the international supply chain, in addition to society in general.

ECO-FRIENDLY DEVELOPMENTS: One of the main focus points of the Foundation is to reduce the environmental impact through eco-design innovations. We focus on unique design solutions that take into account the entire lifecycle of materials; this follows the path from the extraction of raw materials to recycling.
SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENTS: The team has defined core values with a five-pillar framework that is ideal for international investment aligns with the vision of the Foundation. The five-pillars include Transparency, Development, Commitment, Environment, and Human Rights.
SUPPORTING CHARITIES: One of the primary focus points at the heart of the Foundation is the necessity to positively impact local communities. We focus on working together with communities in a meaningful way and creating support that lasts a lifetime. We donate to charities that support improving communities with education and the environment.
INVEST ISLANDS FOUNDATION: We work together with the local residents of Lombok in order to provide support through access to education, better standards of living, and access to amenities.
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