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kevin deisser


An entrepreneur from the start, Kevin Deisser started his first company upon graduating from university. Working in the hospitality industry for Marriott Hotels, Kevin developed a passion for adventure. This led to a 6-month exploration of Asia where he discovered the exponential growth of the Asian property market. Always known as a self-starter, he proceeded to divulge vital information from the regions which led to the launch of the Invest Islands Foundation. Kevin has a strong passion for encouraging sustainability and giving back to the local commutes.

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jack brown


Founding his first company at 19, Jack Brown was established as an entrepreneur from the start. Following successful marketing efforts with OCS Cannon Hygiene and Marriott, Jack was motivated to build success with a company. Witnessing the growth and returns of Invest Islands, he knew that his skills & experience could assist in growing the company. That is where Jack teamed up with Kevin to excel the growth of Invest Islands. Jack has always had a passion for helping people realise their goals and takes pride in every project successfully implemented.

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Invest Islands Foundation was founded back in early 2019 by Jack Brown and Kevin Deisser.

The goal was to create a non-profit foundation that would establish a sustainable local economy in underdeveloped areas. Focusing on environmental sustainability the foundation has developed new strategies that aim to empower the local people and provide essentials support. The foundation has focused on educational reform and interactive community tasks to encourage a clean environment and preserve the natural beauty in idyllic locations.The foundation has implemented various projects in line with their strategic goals which has resulted in unprecedented changes in these local communities. In addition to this, Invest Islands Foundation provides eco-friendly developments that assist the economy, the community, and ultimately benefit the environment.



We empower marginalised/disadvantaged groups of the Lombok community through educational and economic development programs that create jobs and promote sustainability especially for women and the youth


We operate to restore hopes and improve the livelihoods of the Lombok people


All projects for Invest Islands Foundation are driven by the locals of the Lombok region. Without the participation and motivation of these locals, the projects may not have seen the success they have. Each project is focused on solving one issue at a time with the results being measured and processes amplified to expand into more successful projects across the region.


Invest Islands Foundation has already had a profound impact on the local communities in Lombok with several successful projects. These have ultimately improved the environment, created employment opportunities, and provided daily essentials to the locals of the region. This positive impact aligns with the company's strategic goals and contributes to future success.

lombok island

the new bali


Ways We Work


By researching and implementing eco-design techniques, our goal of reducing environmental impact can be achieved. These innovative design techniques enhance recycling abilities and ultimately enforce eco-sustainability.


The values of our corporate social responsibility ensure that we assist with the local charities across Indonesia. With regular donations and other charitable activities, we create long-lasting relationships and work together with local communities to have a positive impact.


Whilst investments create the opportunity for financial return, we follow an “impact investing” approach. This ensures that every investment opportunity generates a positive impact on social and environmental economies.


Working alongside the community is out number one priority. We work with the local people of Lombok to provide support and create opportunities they are lacking. This includes access to education, medical treatment, and basic amenities.

Natural Green Fighters

OUR Passionate TEAM

masri ASRIL


Born and raised in the small village of Ubung on Lombok, Masri is a self-starter who gives back at every opportunity.

Nedia prameswari

senior finance & admin

At the end of 2021 Nedia decided to join the foundation, Nedia joined as Admin and Finance staff.

Ruhma Ruksalana H.


Ruhma connects the foundation with the people in the target area since he is from the same village of our initiatives.

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What they Say?

Invest Islands Foundation is a great example of what making a serious commitment to empower your local community looks like. By leveraging the expertise of Invest Islands’ business and combining it with the deep local community links, Invest Islands Foundation has launched a number of highly  innovative  and sustainable  interventions  from  health  and  education  to  food  security  and  plastic  waste.  The  team  are committed  to  making  real  change  in  Lombok  and,  from  my  experience,  they  have  everychance  of succeeding.

Rob Campbell Davis | Volunteer


What they Say?

After witnessing the work that the foundation has been carrying out in the local communities, I can rest assured that my donation is being put to good use. I am passionate about local children and the economy; it appears that my passions are the same as the foundations and they are actively making a difference to the Indonesian people.

Lucille IsabelleBrodar | Donor


What they Say?

I am a teacher by profession and represent education in the local community. I would firstly like to thank Invest Islands Foundation for all of their input and efforts into the education system. They have helped us to improve teaching abilities, embrace the learning in children, and provided the resources necessary to teach effectively. I am positive about the future of education here in Lombok and what the Foundation will do next.

Sayuti | School Principal


What they Say?

As soon as the Foundation began assisting our local village, the changes were visible. Our local school has been improved and the children now have the chance to gain a better education and make something of their lives. On behalf of myself and the whole community we cannot thank Invest Islands Foundation enough.

Chief of Batu Bangke SubVillage


What they Say?

I am a member of the beach cleaning team that Invest Islands Foundation has established. It has provided me with the opportunity of employment and access to food supplies which are essential for my family. It has also encouraged me to make more friends in the local village. I am hopeful that the project runs long-term.



What they Say?

The Bank Sampah project has made me very happy. Not only does it help the environment of my beautiful country but it has given me the opportunity to work and provide for my family.



What they Say?

Invest Islands and the Initiatives such as Saudari Lombok and Organikathat have been birthed under the Foundations Umbrella are built on incredible Ethics and Integrity... I was fortunate enough to have been invited to have a first hand experience and to bare witness to this on  International  Womens  Day  March  8th  2020...we  had  the  most  wonderful  fun  interactions  with  the extraordinary Saudari "Sisters of Torok Lombok" an incredibly humble funny group of previously struggling widows now empowered through Invest Islands as Saudari Beach Cleaning Crew…

Ms Yvette Slijderink | Volunteer

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